Weekly Workout Recap

weekly workout recap

Monday: barre class. I really like starting my week off with this class. It’s at night, so it’s a nice reward for making it through another Monday.

Tuesday: Group run, 4.65 miles. This was my first time doing a group run, and I really liked it. Because it gets dark here so early now, I thought I should try running with a group. My watch didn’t sync with GPS right away so I only have 4 miles of splits: 9:16, 9:13, 8:38, 8:50. I’ll definitely make this a weekly thing.

Wednesday: Rest. My office offers a yoga class during lunch on Wednesday, but I haven’t worked up the courage to participate. I feel a little weird walking around in leggings at the office!

Thursday: Yoga. My barre studio recently started offering hot yoga classes, so I tried one out. I’m not a huge fan of yoga, but I know it’s good for me so I keep trying it.

Friday: Rest. I was hoping to get in a workout at lunch (I have a free pass to a local gym), but didn’t get the chance too.

Saturday: 8 mile run! I’m really proud of this run! It was really cold Saturday morning so I said that I would go out for at least five miles. Once I started running, I felt pretty god and decided that I would do 6. About halfway through I decided to just go for it and do all 8. I’m so glad I did! The only downside was I didn’t bring any water or fuel with me, so I was a little depleted when I finished, but overall still felt pretty good! Splits: 9:11, 9:26, 9:35, 8:52, 8:53, 9:11, 9:18, 9:18

Sunday: Rest!

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