Weekly Workout Recap- week of 11/20

weekly workout recap

What with resting after my half marathon last week, and traveling for Thanksgiving, this week’s workout recap isn’t very exciting. I do have some exciting news to share with you though! But first, here’s what happened this week.

Monday- Rest. I ran a half marathon the day before, so I needed to take a day off to rest my legs (and especially my calves!). I did make sure to spend some quality time with my foam roller 🙂

Tuesday- Rest day. This was unintentional. I was planning on going to a barre class, but I accidentally got on the wrong train home, so my commute took a little longer than planned. Haha, this is the first time this has happened! I was only half paying attention to what I was doing and got some train times mixed up. I’ve always wondered how people could get on the wrong train, but now I know!

Wednesday- Barre class. I finally made it to class!

Thursday- Saturday- Rest/eat all the food/spend time with my family days

Sunday- Barre class

While I was originally planning on getting in a couple runs this weekend, I am glad that I took the full week. I feel rested and ready to get back at it, which is good because this week I begin training for the Boston Marathon!

I was selected to run for team 261 Fearless! 261 Fearless is Kathrine Switzer’s charity (she was the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon). I am beyond excited and am so thankful for this opportunity.

261 Fearless logo
You can learn more about this organization through my fundraising page!

I have to fund raise for this charity, which may prove to be as big a task as training, but I am excited to get started! I can’t wait to document my training and share what 261 Fearless is all about. I would love to learn from others their tips and tricks for training for Boston and other marathons in general!

How did your workouts go last week?

Do you have any races on the calendar for next year?

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap- week of 11/20

  1. Sounds like a well timed recovery week!
    I’m running Boston this year too! My training schedule is only 18 weeks though so I start Dec 10. I’m looking forward to following your progress.

    1. It really was! And now I’m looking forward to get back at it!
      Congratulations on Boston! I can’t believe it’s only 20 weeks away. Best of luck to you during your training!

  2. How exciting to be running Boston with team 261 Fearless! I think it was an excellent idea to take the week off and start your training on fresh legs! I have one more half marathon this year and two on the plan for winter so far. Thanks for linking! I hope you’ll continue to link so we can all follow along with your training.

    1. Thank you! Best of luck with your races. I find that having a race on my schedule is a huge motivator for me. Otherwise, I tend to get a little lazy with my running. 🙂

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