Marathon Training Recap: Week 2

weekly workout recap

Week 2 of marathon training is done! This is a 20 week training cycle, and I’m really trying to ease into it so that I don’t do too much too quickly and injure myself. Here’s how this week went:

Sunday: 3 mile shakeout run. This was done at an easy pace the day after my long run.

Monday: Barre class!

Tuesday: Spin class! This was my first time taking a spin class, and I loved it. The darkness, the music, the sweat (oh the sweat!)! Not only was it a good workout, but it was also a lot of fun! I am going to make this a weekly thing.


Wednesday: 5 mile run around my neighborhood. This run was supposed to incorporate some rolling hills. There are some hills in my usual loop around my apartment (not too steep but definitely noticeable), so I just expanded my usual 3 mile loop a bit. Average pace: 9:17

Thursday: 6 mile fartlek workout. Fartleks are a type of workout that has periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running. For this workout, I did 1 mile warm up, ½ mile at 8:00 min/ mile, followed by a ½ mile at 10:00 min/ mile, I repeated this 4 times followed by 1 mile cool down. I did this on a treadmill so that I could make sure I was doing the hard periods hard and the easy periods easy.

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: Long run, 10 miles. We had our first snow storm of the season on Saturday, so I had to make sure this was done before the snow came! This run felt really good! Average pace 9:26.

My husband and I went for a walk Saturday night. Everyone’s Christmas lights were covered in snow. It looked beautiful! We ran into a neighbor shoveling his walkway and he said the first one’s always pretty, and then by the fifth or sixth storm we’re over it. No truer words have ever been spoken.

Winter wonderland

Overall, this was a pretty good week. One thing I need to work on is my pacing. I’ve always just run at whatever pace felt good to me, and I’d throw in a speed workout here and there. But, I’d really like to get faster so I’m going to focus on increasing my pace during my hard workouts and really taking my easy workouts easy.

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I am running the Boston Marathon as part of 261 Fearless. 261 Fearless was created by Kathrine Switzer, and it’s mission is to empower women through running. You can read more about 261 Fearless, as well as my fundraising efforts here.

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How did your workouts go this week?

What workouts have you done to get faster?

11 thoughts on “Marathon Training Recap: Week 2

  1. Speed work is my nemesis…but I suck it up and do it (sometimes LOL). Currently, I’m not training for anything and still trying to not over-do it with my knee. That said, once I hit February, I’ll start being a little more serious about training with an actual purpose (rather than just maintenance). Good luck training for Boston!

  2. A runner friend and I used to say “to run fast, you have to run fast”. It sounds silly, but it was a reminder to use one day a week to push the pace. However, the hardest thing for me is to run the easy runs easy. enough But that is where your gains in endurance come from. Good luck with this training cycle. Thanks for linking!

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