Marathon Training: Week 7

After a couple weeks of resting my hamstring, I really picked up the running this week. My hamstring isn’t 100% yet, but I have been doing some strengthening exercises every day that focus not only on my hamstrings, but my quads and glutes too.

It got to 60 degrees this week! SIXTY DEGREES! After the deep freeze we experienced the week before, this truly felt like a heat wave! Summer can’t come soon enough!

Warmer temps called for running outside. On Tuesday, I met up with a run club. It was nice to run with people again after spending a lot of time solo on the treadmill last week. I find that treadmill running calls for some great people watching, but not conversing. This run was 4 miles.

Running outside! Yay for non life-threatening temps!

I went for a 4 mile run outside again on Thursday, and the temps were in the 50’s, even after work! A lot of Christmas lights were still up, and people were ice skating. This was a really great run!

Ice skaters on Boston Common

Saturday was a long run of 12 miles! I’ve been taking my runs nice and slow so that I don’t further injure my hamstring and it felt pretty good even during all of these miles. The forecast called for a lot of rain, but luckily it only rained on us for about 5 minutes. The rain was actually welcome because I’m pretty sure the temps were near 60. With a short sleeve top and a running jacket over it, I felt a little over dressed! Average pace was 9:55—exactly where I wanted it to be!

Weekly miles: 20

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How was your week?

Do you currently have an injury? What are you doing to heal it?

5 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Week 7

  1. How pretty your outdoor runs were with the Christmas lights still up! Our neighborhood keeps their entrance trees lit until President’s Day. I love looping by them on my runs. I’m glad your hamstring is improving. It sounds like the strengthening exercises you are doing their job. Thanks for linking!

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