Super Bowl Squares!

Whether you’re a Pats fan, an Eagles fan, or a Justin Timberlake fan, chances are you’ll be watching the game this Sunday. Why not make it a little more interesting?
I am hosting Super Bowl Squares to raise money for 261 Fearless. If you haven’t played before, Squares is a game of chance. You claim a square (or two or three!) on the grid. Before the game starts, each column and row of the grid will be randomly assigned a number. If the last digit of each team’s score matches your square at the end of each quarter, you’re a winner!
Each square is $20. Half of the money raised will be donated to 261 Fearless, and the remaining half will be paid out to winners as follows:
1st Qtr.:        $225
2nd Qtr.:       $225
3rd Qtr.:        $225
Final Score:  $325
If you’d like to play, you can pay me via Venmo @kpmckee, or with a cash or check. Click on the link for more information.
Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!

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