Marathon Training: Week 7

After a couple weeks of resting my hamstring, I really picked up the running this week. My hamstring isn’t 100% yet, but I have been doing some strengthening exercises every day that focus not only on my hamstrings, but my quads and glutes too. It got to 60 degrees this week! SIXTY DEGREES! After the deep freeze we experienced the week before, this truly felt like a heat wave! Summer can’t come soon enough! Warmer temps called for running outside.[Read more]

Marathon Training Recap: Week 2

Week 2 of marathon training is done! This is a 20 week training cycle, and I’m really trying to ease into it so that I don’t do too much too quickly and injure myself. Here’s how this week went: Sunday: 3 mile shakeout run. This was done at an easy pace the day after my long run. Monday: Barre class! Tuesday: Spin class! This was my first time taking a spin class, and I loved it. The darkness, the music,[Read more]

Marathon Training: Week 1

Marathon training has officially started! Week 1 of my 20 week program for the Boston Marathon is in the books. As a charity runner, I was given a training plan by our group coach. This plan is for hundreds of runners and is not specific to me or my goals. I am going to need to tweak it a little bit, especially in the beginning, to make sure I am not adding mileage too quickly. Here’s how the week went:[Read more]

Gift Ideas for Runners

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, themed cocktails, family time and gifts! Finding the right gift for someone can be pretty stressful. I’ve put together a list of gifts that my husband should read I think would make a great gift for the runner in your life! 1.       Cold weather gear Runners with a spring race in the books are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors this winter. Running outside in the middle of a blizzard or when[Read more]

December goals

I recently started reading a couple of new blogs, and on one of the blogs, the writer sets monthly goals for herself and then shares how she performed after the month is over. I thought that that was a great idea! It’s a way to not only outline and set clear sights for the month, but it is also a way to hold yourself accountable. And even though I may not have many readers, because I have to type out[Read more]

Weekly Workout Recap- week of 11/20

What with resting after my half marathon last week, and traveling for Thanksgiving, this week’s workout recap isn’t very exciting. I do have some exciting news to share with you though! But first, here’s what happened this week. Monday- Rest. I ran a half marathon the day before, so I needed to take a day off to rest my legs (and especially my calves!). I did make sure to spend some quality time with my foam roller 🙂 Tuesday- Rest[Read more]